Grannas Research Group

Grannas Research Group 2016

Back (L to R): Victoria Catanzano, Garrett Waligroski, McKenzee Chiam, Matthew Petrie.  Front (L to R): Mary Francis Barr, Kaila Hanley, Amanda Grannas

Current Research Group Members

Vanessa Boschi
Research Assistant Professor

Mary Francis Barr
Major: MS Chemistry
Project: Production of brown carbon in snow/ice

Matthew Petrie
Major: BS Biochemistry
Project: Photochemical fate of triclosan

Abigail Roselli
Major: MS Chemistry
Project: Novel water treatment processes

Garrett Waligroski
Major: BS/MS Chemistry
Project: Triclosan sources and fate in the Brandywine watershed

Amanda Grannas, Ph.D.
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Research Group Alumni

Victoria Catanzano
Mackenzie Chiam
Kaila Hanley
Amanda McGettigan (NYPD, forensic chemist)
Alexis Fede (Law School, Seton Hall)
Vanessa Boschi (Univ. of Pennsylvania, PhD program)
Lauren Kurek
Lisa Pagano (Lancaster Labs)
Rachel Bobby (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Sarah Ludwig (Univ of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ)
Alexis Torres
Brittany Pierce (Merck)
Dr. Glenn Rowland (Senior Scientist, Environmental Science and Research, New Zealand)
Erica Dolak (Virginia Commonwealth University, graduate program in forensics)
Alyssa Dragone
Brittany Internoscia
Shawn Morris
Nicole Harmuth (International Flavors and Fragrances)
Ian Eisele (Agilent)
Melinda Darnell
Justin Yeash
Daniel Neary
Courtney Shedden (Solvay)
Julianna Cebollero (Mercer University, College of Pharmacy)
Alexandra Bausch (Columbia University, PhD program)
Kyle Sledge
Laura Beierschmitt
Dan Drahus
Eric Bowes
Jessica Paul (US Patent and Trademark Office)
Heather Dague (medical school)
Ashley Sprenkle (GlaxoSmith Kline)
Rebecca Chappel (Dupont)
Alex Anderson (Wooster College)
Nicole Simonowicz (URS, chemist)
Kendell Mahanna (MS in food chemistry, U. Illinois; current at Frito-Lay)
Virginia Greis